Monday, June 28, 2004

Changing of the Guard, eBay and item specifics

Browsing the eBay Power Seller discussion groups, I noticed a large number of unhappy eBay powerseller's ( an eBay Powerseller is an established high volume seller) grumbling about eBay's new feature rollout called item specifics. I decided to check it out.

Existing and long time established sellers on eBay are affected by any eBay format change, not necessarily in a good way. Basically whenever eBay implements a change to their system any seller with existing auctions needs to adjust them all, which as you can imagine would be a royal pain.

I researched on the net and found some interesting articles of new eBay sellers loving the new feature.

I decided to try an item specific auction out. When you go to put your item up for sale you are prompted to choose between prefilled item information or the standard way. At this point simply enter the UPC code located on the product you are selling, example I had "The Matrix" DVD I did not have the box with the UPC code, so I did a simple search on Google with the search terms "The Matrix and UPC" and google pulled it up.

Google Search Click Here

After entering the UPC code a complete description and good looking stock photo of the matrix DVD pulled up. At this point you can select new or used and put the shipping amount etc.

Here is an example of a UPC CODE

It produced a great looking ad in less than 1 minute.

Change is hard, but I see item specifics as a excellent change for all, use it and enjoy


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