Sunday, June 27, 2004

An easy way to obtain hot selling products on eBay

After you initially sell some items on eBay, most people start off by selling excess items around the house,or garage. People catch the eBay Fever. It is fairly simple to sell and you can receive payments in minutes, there is no other market quite like it.

The problem is you run out of things to sell very quickly. Here is one of the many techniques I have used with success over the years to get in demand products to resell on eBay.

eBay produces a free hot selling items list. This is a 29 page PDF document which shows the Super HOT and HOT selling products and categories. This information is FREE and it is taken from eBay's internal market research.
Click here to view the HOT item list.

There are hundreds of in demand items, I would just target one or 2 of them and place a free or low cost ad in my local newspaper. Simply state cash paid for ABC item, I would receive several calls a week and get products for next to nothing I would immediate sell on eBay

Some eBay Power sellers use the high volume, low profit business model, and they sell hundreds of items a day.
My business philosophy has always been sell less items that are in high demand. This translates to less work and more profit.


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Here is a GREAT way to find the hot items on ebay!!

Whats Hot On eBay

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