Thursday, June 24, 2004

eBay Live Hype Fact or Fiction

I was tempted to buy a plane ticket to the Big Easy and join the Hoopla regarding eBay's once a year convention. I am letting the Power of the Blog take me there.

eBay Live Blog Link

From what I see so far nothing earth shattering, take a look. The bottom line for you to
Make Money on eBay is your product sources. I could take a beginner with little to no experience and have them up and running profitably in a few days with just 1 or 2 good product contacts. Of course fine tuning your auctions with better photos, and descriptions and all the tricks and timing techniques will allow you to optimize your profit per auction. Selling successfully full time comes down to one simple thing. Obtaining the products to sell inexpensively. There are many techniques to do this I will explain in later articles


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