Monday, June 21, 2004

Here is a simple way to host your images for eBay Auctions for free

You can also use this free service to host your photos on Live Journals, Blogs and Message Boards.

When you put an item up for auction on eBay only your first picture is free of charge. Every image you add after that is 15 cents.

Adding quality images or photos to your eBay auction listing is a critical step to insure you receive the maximum price for your products.

There are several image-hosting services on the web, but they also charge a service fee.

Here is the info you need to host your images for free, you can then simply link directly to your eBay ads at no charge. This free service is called The website title may be a little confusing, it does not make tiny pictures or versions of your images or photos but it produces a tiny URL or link (A url is the web address for a site example is a URL)

The simplicity of this program is amazing, you simply click on the following link Click here to go to TinyPic

The tinypic website will now appear on your computer screen. You then click on the “Browse” button, which will allow you to navigate and load any picture on your computer. The next step is to click on the button named “Host” your photo or image is automatically loaded to the tinypic hosting site at no charge. A simple short URL or location for your image will appear on the computer screen. Cut and past that link or URL and insert into your ebay ad. Simple and Fast.

There is no catch to this service, you will see a link in which you may make a donation to the owner of the website, but it is completely optional. You can use this site for personal family albums or photos as well as your eBay auction.

Click here to go to host your images for free


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