Saturday, June 26, 2004

How 1 word in your eBay auction title can make or break the sale

I have been selling full time on eBay for several years and I want to stress to you the importance of the eBay title. When you list an auction for sale on eBay, you will be prompted to enter your description, pictures, price, auction duration etc.

By leaving one key word out of the eBay selling title in one of my recent auctions, I almost had a disaster.

I made a very good buy on some new but discontinued satellite receivers. The first thing you should always do is check completed auctions on eBay prior to listing a new product. At that point you should choose view completed auctions by the highest price. By doing this you will see what similar items went for and how they were titled, what category they were listed in, etc. You can save time and effort by viewing what the other eBay sellers did right!

Too make a short story shorter I was selling dish network 6000 receivers.
I titled the auction “NEW Network 6000 U HDTV Receiver”. I wasn’t getting many bids so I checked eBay for my auction and it didn’t show up.

I scratched my head, I left out “Dish” which then would not have my listing show up when people were looking for this item, the buyers keywords would be "dish network" luckily eBay allows you to cancel your auction if you have an error in the listing, which I did I relisted with the additional word and the receiver ended up selling for over $500

Wheeew! another key point is for you to do a search on eBay and see if your auction sales come up, you may miss a keyword which will cause less buyers to see your auction, which will result in less bids etc.


Blogger Don said...

Hey, you said sniping is a "bad" thing but then linked anyway, I don't buy that much but find sniping a fair way of going about bidding, we've all gotta use the tools we're given. I am very curious as to how to "stop" sniping mostly cuz I don't want to lose these auctions.

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