Friday, June 25, 2004

How to become an eBay Silent Sales Assassin

There is an underground of eBay buyers right now prowling the darkest corners of eBay and seeking to strike unwary eBay Newbies. These savvy auction predators will stalk and then strike at eBay auctions winning items for 10 percent of wholesale or less, in the waning seconds of the eBay auction.

The tool of these eBay carnivores is called Auction Sniping. Auction Sniping is the automated process of unseen bidders having an automatic bid placed via computer program on a predetermined auction with less than 3 seconds to go. Competing auctions bidders cry out in pain as they sit by there computer watching and waiting for an auction to end manually getting ready to strike. These people throw their hands up in the air time and time again. How come I keep losing these auctions in the last second?. and I would have paid $50 or more dollars for the item. They are unaware of the auction tool eBay sniping. Here is a link for one of the better sniping programs on the market and it is very easy to use!
Click here try this eBay sniping service for Free, Bidnapper

The other effect is on the eBay seller, they scratch their heads in amazement as their auction items go for much less than anticipated. In my future article I will show you a new technique to stop Snipers in their tracks.


Blogger SmallOfficeBlog said...

As an eBay newbie (but fast learner) thanks for the heads-up on this.

It's great for the bidder but crap for the seller.

You didn't really indicate in your post your views on this - ie: a blight or "alls fair in ..."

8:24 AM  

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