Tuesday, June 29, 2004

New to eBay? Want Good Feedback Fast? Here is How!

The "Newbie" or new person joining, be it in a video game or the military, sports or even the chess team, are treated with equal parts curiosity and disdain. Even though everyone was a Newbie at one point that fact is quickly erased from our memory banks.

eBay even sets up a list of tasks a Newbie cannot perform until their feedback reaches 10. If you are new to eBay every buyer or seller has a report card of their activities on eBay, it is called the feedback rating.

You can simply find out if the buyer or seller is a flake by clicking the number to the right of the Ebay User ID. There you will see what looks like a report card that be be positive, neutral or even negative. The buyer and the seller of any transaction have the choice to leave any feedback with comments or not at all, it is up to you.

Below is a screen shot of feedback from one of my accounts I sell product through on eBay.


Here to View Actual Screen

The point you want to reach is 10 positive feedback, then you will be allowed access to more eBay seller features such as buy it now, 1 day auctions and many more plus it makes people more comfortable dealing with you.

The simple way to build you feedback is this. Go to eBay and in the search box type in "ebook" then click on search from buy it now and then lowest price. Many of these ebooks are 50 cents or less simply click buy it now, pay and request feedback . These sellers know that the people buying these eBooks are primarily doing it to build fast feedback so they oblige.

Quick Note Do not worry if you get a negative feedback in my 3 years experience selling Full time on eBay is the same as in life you will never be able to please everyone. Have Fun


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