Thursday, July 01, 2004

eBay UPS and AuctionDrop 3 strikes and your out!

I just read an announcement this morning in The San Diego Union Tribune, Auctiondrop eBay drop off service will be rolling out nationwide service to 3400 locations. This will be interesting!

They state in the article the items will be dropped of at any UPS store then, the item will be shipped to a new processing Facility in Fremont California, they also state if the item doesn't sell it will be shipped back and Auction drop will eat the costs.

I have sold full time on eBay for over 3 years, I could be wrong but this sounds like a complete disaster waiting to happen. How on earth are they going to handle the logistics of items not selling, being described properly, returns, emails questions etc etc Wow

I think I had a nightmare just thing about it. I checked Auction Drop feedback and it is very good for their volume, but as you may or may not know when you are trying to secure funding or partnerships they are bending over backward to keep that clean right now. These are my thoughts and I am open to any other opinions.

A friend of mine went to eBay live and in one of the discussion groups an employee of Auctiondrop stated that the business model was flawed. Wow, don't put your money on that pony.

They also will charge up to 40% of the final Sale. I think this will be a great opportunity for individuals to offer this service with better support and service.


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