Saturday, July 03, 2004

New eBay Scam, Be Safe, You need to read this one!

Today I received an email from an eBay bidder who was savvy enough to contact me regarding a second chance offer. Last week I sold a PowerMac G4 Dual processor on eBay. This morning I received an email from an eBay bidder asking me if I had emailed him regarding a second chance offer.

A Second Chance offer is an eBay option in which the Seller can contact the other bidders on your item if the sale fell through for whatever reason.

I have not seen or heard of an eBay scam using this method yet. The first thing I did was to view eBay ID of the person who contacted me. Yes, they did indeed place a bid on my computer for sale earlier that week.

So it looks to me as if the scammers are targeting hot selling products from eBay sellers with good feedback if they Phished my email with a different header, they might convince an eBay buyer to send payment for the item.

Keep an eye out for this one. I had the bidder forward the email to eBay Safe Harbor. The problem is, I am sure it was Via anonymous email address, very hard to catch.


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