Tuesday, October 26, 2004

How To Turn Junk into Ebay $$$$$

My background is in the computer resale business. I started selling computers in a retail mall store. I worked my way up to corporate sales and finally owning my own computer resale business.

What I found through eBay is that you should never throw away anything before at least putting it up for sale on eBay one time. Even if you feel a product is worthless or even defective.

I stumbled onto this while selling computer parts on eBay. I listed some items that were defective and I labeled them as such clearly in my eBay listing.

I started the auction at 1 penny with no reserve. I was amazed to find that many of the defective laptop computer parts sold for not much less than fully working parts.

I was puzzled about this. I emailed the eBay buyers and wanted to make sure they were not confused and that the laptop parts were defective.

The buyers stated that they were able to salvage good parts from my defective components to make other parts operational.

Ahhhhhh! I have used this technique to buy defective product from many sources for literally pennies and make a great profit on eBay.

Ebay buyers are very savvy and will look for components do not throw away your junk it can be Gold!


Blogger Gambling said...

I have a lot of stuff home. I think I'll sell them on ebay.....maybe I'll win some money:))

7:19 AM  
Blogger Gaby de Wilde said...

My background is in the computer resale business......do not throw away your junk it can be Gold!

makes sense :)


2:18 AM  
Blogger frank said...

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2:49 PM  
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10:55 PM  
Blogger Venessa Liu said...

sometimes, the buyer from ebay just ignore your description of items and they thought it should be in good condition and they argue with you, if it happens again, you can write to ebay to slove for you, but it takes time.

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7:00 PM  

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