Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Texas Holdem for sale on eBay

I was searching eBay the other day and was looking to purchase some poker chips for a friendly home game with friends. I searched under Poker and then Texas Holdem. I was amazed at the number of listings. Texas Holdem Strategy guides were avaliable. Small credit card size poker hand ranking cards to fit in your wallet. Texas Holdem softtware simulations you could play on your computer.

I then decided to check google to see what free information on where and how to Play Texas Holdem Online. I found a very informative site and it is Free! Here is the link below.

Texas Holdem Poker


Blogger world poker tour said...

yes,the site is really nice and informative to.Who design it??I want a site like it!!

11:36 AM  
Blogger frank said...

Hi, If your looking for an alternative to ebay, ItchyPig limited run its own auction site www.itchypig.co.uk. Im a co-director, we have just been backed by Northampton university. Theres no final value fees and no listing fees. we make all our money from selling advertising space on the site. And check out our charities page. You will see that just by using the site you are helping charities. We actually pay our users, if you have a myspace,facebook,bebo or even your own website, we will actually pay you just to have our link on your site (£1 for every verified sign up that comes from your unique link) Check out the website at www.itchypig.co.uk.

Cheers for reading. Frank.

2:49 PM  

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